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Chittaranjan Panda

Dr. Chittaranjan Panda is a distinguished medical professional with a passion for spreading knowledge and empowering individuals to make informed health and wellness decisions. With a background in Pathology, Dr. Chittaranjan Panda has dedicated his career to unraveling the complexities of the human body and translating medical jargon into easily understandable concepts for the general public.


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Fueling Your Health: A Guide to Nutrition for Specific Health Conditions

Specific Health Conditions and The Nutrition Nutrition plays a crucial role in managing various health conditions. Here are some...

Mar 10 · 9 min read >

Health Screening by Age: Taking a Proactive Approach to Good Health

Age-wise Screening Tests to Promote Good Health There are many different screening tests that can help promote good health...

Mar 9 · 5 min read >
Health Screening 1

The Next Pandemic: What We Can Learn From COVID-19 and How to Prepare for the Future

Factors for Next Pandemic It is certainly possible that there could be another epidemic or pandemic in the future,...

Mar 9 · 3 min read >
Covid Virus

Memoirs of the First British Settlers in India: Life and Experiences in a New Land

Hector Ship of East India Company Landing The story of the first East India Company ship landing in India...

Mar 8 · 3 min read >
East India Company 1

Revolutionizing the World: 10 Inventions that Transformed Our Daily Lives

Inventions that Transformed Our Daily Lives Inventors of Electricity Electricity was not invented by a single scientist but rather...

Smartphone 1

The Beliefs, Practices, and Teachings of ISKCON: Exploring the World of Krishna Consciousness

ISCKON ISKCON stands for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, also known as the Hare Krishna movement. It is...

Mar 7 · 3 min read >
ISKCON Temple 1

Decoding Cryptocurrency: Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of Digital Assets

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography (encryption techniques) for security and operates...

Cryptocurrency 3

Flower Power and Free Spirits: Exploring the Hippie Culture of the 1960s and 70s

Delve into the world of peace, love, and psychedelia in our exploration of 1960s and 1970s hippie culture. Discover...

Mar 6 · 6 min read >
Hippies 1

Exploring the World of Blockchain: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Technology and Cryptocurrency

What is a blockchain? A blockchain is a digital, decentralized, distributed ledger that records transactions in a secure and...

Ada Lovelace: The First Computer Programmer and Her Enduring Legacy

Who was Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace was a 19th-century mathematician and writer who is widely recognized as the world’s...

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